Openness and courage in designing create the most beautiful interiors. Don’t be afraid to express yourself!


Masks are a perfect way to reflect your needs. Discover a wide range of choices of designs and colors, allowing you to customize the project to your expectations.


We are like Yin and Yang!

Sonia an artist and creator of the concept, immersed in design as an architect for years. The “Masked” project is her response to the need to complement the interior with a fully personalized work, capable of adjusting to any space. She is the soul and spirit and of our masks!

Mateusz, the opposite end of the spectrum, is responsible for craftsmanship and technique, that is, what is physical and external. He has gained experience as a carpenter who always willingly undertakes unconventional projects. Contagious fire and temperament materialize this unique project.

how it works

let's get MASKED

* In case of the need for more detailed customization, a change in size or the introduction of a color not available on the website, please direct your inquiry to kontakt@masked.pl

design & quality


The collection is the work of the wonderful artist Izabela Wądołowska, and her original style can be felt in every detail of the mask.

This is not the place for mass production. The mask requires our craftsmanship and precision. Attention to detail and the quality of manufacturing is additionally confirmed by an individual quality mark of our craftsman on the back of the mask.

The mask you receive is a work of human hands and a result of engagement at every stage of production. Its individuality is emphasized by a unique serial number.